Yoga for a Healthy Mum and Baby

By Brian Goodwin


Yoga has so many health benefits and there is a style of yoga to for everyone. A new trend in yoga focuses on mothers and babies. If you are expecting a baby, trying for a baby or just had a baby; there is a style of yoga for you.
Fertility Yoga: is a practice that helps to reduce stress and restore hormonal balance. Stress and hormonal imbalance are two common factors for fertility problems. Restorative yoga and meditation can help to bring the nervous, digestive, pulmonary, immune, skeletal, lymphatic, reproductive and endocrine systems into alignment and promote fertility. Classes are safe for women undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technology and suitable for any women hoping to balance their hormone cycles.

Pregnancy Yoga: is one of the best ways to exercise and keep in shape while pregnant. Classic postures are adapted to create a safe and gentle way of keeping toned and strong without harming your baby. Yoga can help you prepare physically and mentally for the stresses of labour. Meditations will help you to be in tune with your baby's development. Pregnancy yoga classes are generally designed for mothers up to 28 weeks and suitable for all fitness levels.

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Eco Mother and Baby - Green Advice For New Mums

By Richard N Williams


There probably won't be any more of an exciting, and yet daunting time than when you are starting a family. But children don't come cheap and not only does it cost a fortune in financial terms to bring up a baby these days it can also cost the environment too.

Many of the products available for babies are not designed with eco friendly credentials in mind and can be quite damaging to the environment. However, we all want what's best for our children and few new mums would want to compromise on the well-being of their child to help the environment - but being an eco friendly mum doesn't necessarily mean you have to.

Perhaps the single most environmentally damaging aspects of a new baby are the disposable nappies. A baby can go through dozens of nappies a week and as they are not biodegradable all these soiled nappies can linger in landfills for decades. Of course, we may all recall the old terry toweling nappies used by our parents and grandparents but this can appear as too much work, especially for a new parent that is juggling work and bringing up baby too.

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